Lake Jarun Zagreb

Image by Nevena Mikec

Lake Jarun – Let’s go to the beach!

I remember going fishing with my dad to lake Jarun in the early ’80s. It was only 10 minutes from our house. Back then, it was just a big gravel pit, yet full of life, from fish to birds & foxes. Fast forward a few decades and lake Jarun is one of the green jewels of the city.

Beautiful beaches, clean water full of fish, beach bars, swans graciously gliding through the water, mighty trees giving home to many birds and hiding wildlife… That is Jarun today. Here, you can do all kinds of sports from horseback riding to table tennis or watch some sports like rowing or handball competitions.

The summer months are when Jarun becomes alive, but never too crowded. If you get hungry or bored, there are food stalls, restaurants, bars & night clubs. The winter months are beautiful here also. Especially when the water freezes and everything gets so quiet that it becomes easy to forget that you are in the middle of the city.

I love to take my skates and hit the track which goes around the lake for about 6km. Others like to jog, ride their bicycles or use the exercise equipment installed around. During the summer, it’s free to use the small wooden barbecue houses placed near the water, so you can go cool off in the water after your meal. Showers & changing cabins are also available got free. Nudists have their spot here too.

So grab your towel and join us at the beach!

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