Slap Sopot Zagreb

Image by Nina Lalić

Slap Sopot – Chase this waterfall

Medvednica mountain, also known as Zagreb mountain (Zagrebačka gora) and often referred to as Sljeme (its highest peak) is a 1035m-high mountain, the “lungs” of Zagreb, respite for its citizens during hot summer months, closest ski track for ski enthusiast during winter, a respite for the stressed out, and so much more. It’s rich in forested areas, wildlife, water, hiking routes, mountain lodges… One thing it is not rich in is big waterfalls. However, the biggest one, waterfall Sopot (slap Sopot), is certainly worth seeing.

Waterfall Sopot is 9 meters tall, falling down from a rather smooth rock, on a creek called Vrapčak. Vrapčak continues downstream towards Zagreb (and the neighbourhood Vrapče). Sopot shares its name with a neighborhood in Zagreb, which is nowhere near the waterfall, so it’s important to note this and not get confused, if you are not a Zagreb local.

The waterfall is on the south-west part of Medvednica mountain, and it’s accessible on foot or by bike, following hiking path no. 4. The scenery is beautiful, with woods, meadows, climbers’ rocks, and of course, creek Vrapčak. Just next to the waterfall, a wooden bridge has been built over the creek, so you can enjoy the view from a vantage point.

I like the waterfall because it’s a peaceful place, the creek and the forest provide beautiful views, and it is a great opportunity for nature enthusiast to enjoy the power of water, mountain and woods, just a hike away from Zagreb center.

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Slap Sopot, Zagreb

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