Župna Crkva Majke Božje Sljemenske Zagreb

Image by Želimir Pintar

Župna Crkva Majke Božje Sljemenske – Sljeme parish

Zagreb has many parishes and churches, but certainly the highest one is the parish church of the Holy Mary (Župna crkva Majke Božje Sljemenske) on Medvednica mountain, at 1001 meters above sea level, just 34 meters below the mountain’s top, Sljeme.

The small parish church is really unique: it was built in 1932 for the spiritual needs of hikers, tourists and patients at the (now closed) Brestovac hospital. The Sljeme parish church, as it is often called, is made of stone and surrounded by a small park, and it blends perfectly with the forest.

The interior is famous for its oak ceiling, with motives of 39 coats of arms from various Croatian regions. There is an electric organ used during mass. Mass is held on Sunday, and mostly attended by hikers, bikers and pilgrims. It is also possible to get married here, which I am sure is a very special experience.

Christmas time is a special time to visit, as there is an outside, forest-surrounded Nativity scene.

I like this spot because it offers peace and tranquility for many believers and a beautiful place to rest and admire the power and beauty of nature for everyone. No matter your believes (or lack thereof), this is a spot worth visiting, as it combines the beauty of Zagreb’s mountain Medvednica with and the skill of human hand, in this case the architect Juraj Denzler.

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Details about this spot



Sljemenska cesta 4, Zagreb

Opening Times

Mass: Sun 10:00 & 12:00




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