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Image by Μaria Papagianni

Koukaki – My dearest neighborhood

Lately, I’ve been meaning to start writing SBL articles about my favourite neighbourhoods in Athens, not only about bars and restaurants — articles about whole neighbourhoods where you can lose yourself wandering around their streets.

So this new project begins from my most favourite neighbourhood in the world: Koukaki! I was very lucky that for 2 years Dimitris and I lived there, and I enjoyed every single moment.

The area starts from Dionysiou Areopagitou, the pedestrian area below the Acropolis, and ends at the big street full of trees named Gennaiou Kolokotroni.

The whole area is lively from early in the morning, when old people take their Greek coffees at “kafeneia” at the pedestrian area of Drakou and G. Olympiou, until after midnight, at the lively rock bars that are spread all around.

Apart from the fact that is one of liveliest areas of Athens, I love the vibe that comes from Acropolis and Filopappou Hill, both of which overlook Koukaki.

Also, there are many cultural places like art shops such as Psit, small stores that sell ceramics like my favorite Trabala Studio, bicycle cafes like 48 x 17 stands next to famous restaurants, small restaurants where you can still find authentic Greek food like Koutoukaki – everything is tangled together between Veikou and Dimitrakopoulou streets.

In this colorful puzzle you can also add stray cats that are very friendly and… hungry!

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