Cines Renoir Barcelona

Image by Ilse de Ridder

Cines Renoir – El Laurel

Most cinemas in Barcelona are dubbed, providing your favorite movie star with an incredible tacky Spanish voice. I understand, it depends on what you are used to. But I prefer my movies in the original language.

There are few cinemas in Barcelona that have films showing in the original version. Look for “V.O.S.E.” on the cinema displays, this means original language with Spanish subtitles!

One of my favourite cinemas is “Cines Renoir”. It’s located in the San Antoni neighbourhood which is very up and coming with many nice bars, and close to Raval, which is bursting with bars and restaurants to combine with your cinema visit.

But apart from the great ‘night out’ location of Renoir, the reason this is my all-time favourite is the bar opposite to it. El Laurel is a small Argentinian ‘cinema’ bar. Whenever I go to the movies, I make sure to stop by here. They have, by far, the most delicious empanadas in town! Cines Renoir and the bar work together, which results in great offers of a meal+cinema ticket for a small price on weekdays.

The cinema itself offers a great mix of the common block busters and some art house films. Make sure you arrive on time, queues for a ticket can be long. Or come a little earlier, buy your ticket and wait at El Laurel… Don’t miss out on the sweet empanada; it tastes like Dutch homemade apple pie. A little piece of heaven before you start the film!

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Calle Floridablanca, 135, Barcelona

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Open daily, depending on show times


Ticket: € 8


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