Music Barcelona

Image by Ilse de Ridder

Music – It’s all around!

One of my favourite things about Barcelona, is that the streets are filled with music. On every corner of the street you have the chance of running into a street artist. The sounds of this colorful bunch of musicians gives the city a bohemian vibe! Stroll down the streets and while enjoying all the touristic sights, don’t forget to keep your eyes and ears open for the music and performers! It will surely give you a big smile and sometimes it might even give you goosebumps!

For example I like to stroll down the boulevard in Barceloneta, where a mix of salsa, bohemian or Bob Dylan style musicians give me a summer feeling. Especially when people start to dance along! They are regularly found along Joan Borbo boulevard or along the beach.

Another favourite spot is behind the Cathedral in the Gotic Quarter. The acoustics in between the walls are breathtaking and although different musicians can be found at this spot; they have never failed to impress me. It helps that the location is stunning too, as you feel lost in history between the high walls of the cathedral. If I am around, I always take a detour to check who’s playing there. Certainly go and have a look if you hear opera. It is often a group of elderly people joined together to sing some of the most beautiful classical opera songs. Don’t underestimate the cute oldies; they leave me stunned with their voices every time I pass by.

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Carrer dels comtes, Barcelona

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24 hours daily
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