Maison Carne Barcelona

Image by Rafael Maggion

Maison Carne – Meat lovers’ paradise

Maison Carne, or Meat Mansion. The name tells a lot about the place. They have an extremely cool concept. It’s a one item menu when you talk about meat: a 1kg ribeye steak with a side of fries and salad for the trifle of 29 euro. The flavor and quality of the meat are astonishing. The service is great, and they keep every other thing very simple. For example, they sell the wine by the centimeter: 1 euro = 1 centimeter, and it works the same for the cheese: 100g for 6 euros. The amazing cheese and delicious wine have made this restaurant one of my favorites in BCN.

As we got to our table, the lovely team welcomed us and briefly explained the concept of Maison Carne as I sensed that amazing steak smell all over the room. My mouth was already watering! We ordered a 1kg ribeye steak and for entrees they brought us some nice bread and paté. In around 15 min the meat had arrived – and our happiness. That 1kg piece of meat was destroyed in no time.

Our meal was accompanied by a great house wine sold by the centimeter, and for dessert – as the place has french origin – it could not be anything but the delicious chocolate mousse.

All of that for less than 45 euros! Meat with that high quality is usually at least 50% more expensive. So please, don’t you dare miss this place!

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Details about this spot



204 Carrer de Mallorrca, Barcelona

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Opening Times

13:00 - 16:00 daily


Meal for 2: € 45


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