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Jazz Club Zemun – Jazzy Tuesdays

Belgrade has its ways to comfort you in winter while you lust for the next short sleeves and flip-flops season. And Jazz club Zemun is one of the aces up its sleeve.

It is located in “Milutinac” restaurant and every Tuesday it is packed with people of all ages and walks of life so that it looks like a huge kafana. It is probably the only place in town where you’ll see groups of twenty-somethings and people old enough to be their (grand)parents, sitting next to each other, sharing bottles, dancing and enjoying the night out. So what brings all these folks together? Perhaps the celebration of life is one of the answers.

Each Tuesday, live jazz jam sessions are organized here, starting at 20:00, not lasting long after 22:30. They can feature renowned jazz virtuosos, and also a local star trumpet player living down the street.

“Milutinac” is located in the upper part of Zemun, but not very far from its center. And it’s not even the jazz, it’s the spirit of people in their 80s you can see here, dancing and playing. It’s the old lady who dances alone and is then joined by a youngster who could be her grandson.

The thing is, everybody here feels young.

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Nade Dimić 5, Belgrade

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Opening Times

Tue 20:00 - 22:30


Wine (bottle): RSD 500

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