Under the Branko's Bridge Belgrade

Image by Svetlana Copic

Under the Branko’s Bridge – Romance, Belgrade style

I have no idea how it all started. Who was the first one that had the idea to spray-paint his or her declaration of love on the pavement under the Branko’s bridge? And when?

While the history remains shady, it is very obvious that this pioneering amorous hooligan was followed by many, resulting in creation of the most romantic spot in Belgrade. Of course, Belgrade’s Pont Neuf looks nothing like THE Pont Neuf and except for love there is significantly more traffic pollution in the air here too. This is easily compensated by the good humor of the place and the fact that the cheesy factor, usually so overwhelming in places like this, is kept to a minimum.

There is a great variety of graffiti styles, artistic skills, genres and levels of inspiration – from the basic “this and that one forever” to the whole love poems, from comedy to romantic drama. It is all held together by the common theme – and that would be love confessions and declarations.

I can’t resist checking if a new rhyme has appeared on the pavement below whenever I cross the bridge on foot. And when at it, when I raise my eyes, I can’t help noticing how all of a sudden romantic Belgrade looks across the river. Which came first ā€“ the romantic atmosphere of the place or the graffiti – that question is probably the next one in line to be solved right after the one about the egg and the chicken.

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Branko's Bridge, Belgrade

Opening Times

24 hours daily
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)