Aachener Weiher Cologne

Image by Stephan Wehrle

Aachener Weiher – Should I stay or should I go

Don’t go there! The food in the beer garden is okay, but not cheap (bratwurst, fries, salads, pizza) and neither is the beer. The furniture is tattered, chaotically arranged and nothing special, and the pond is simply a water basin, into which a dog is jumping every now and then.

But hey! Wait a minute! You might like the same things about this place as I do:

To sit outside after work with a drink next to a portion of chips among cool people of all ages, watching the people jogging around the pond, walking their dogs, or just talking about their day. And behind the pond, the sun is setting.

Sounds like the RheinBoulevard? Maybe a little bit, but the Aachener Weiher is in the middle of the city on the left side of the Rhine, not far from the university. The pond is enclosed on two sides by a park with hills with which the beer garden merges smoothly… Sometimes when I meet with my friends on a warm day there, the park is a busy place full of life with many small groups, and the portable barbecues are smoking. I love this mood …

So you can consider before, whether you want to eat and drink in the beer garden or bring everything along yourself, including a blanket to sit on…

Sounds relaxing? Then go!

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Richard-Wagner-Straße, Cologne

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Opening Times

11:00 - 00:00 daily


Pizza tuna: € 8.90


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