Corner Stones Ljubljana

Image by Tina Kralj

Corner Stones – Inhabitants of medieval Laibach

Right after starting my “carreer” at Spotted by Locals (hahahah  I just made myself laugh as I do this pro bono), I started wandering the streets of Ljubljana with greater awareness of my surroundings. On my way to visit the GUD shop and Cafetino, which I do regularly – but on that day it was to take photos for the articles – I noticed something I never had before: odd little people silently staring at me. Not like REAL people, that would be creepy; stone statuettes on the corners of a building that reminded me of garden elves, except for the fact they are CITY elves and apparently older. I googled them. Nothing. Posted them on my Insta, asking about them. NOTHING.

Until this week. I took part in this new exciting outside experience called Dragon’s unusual journey. AND THERE IT WAS!!! A “did you know?” section answering my YEARS-long question. Not in detail, because the experience is designed to entertain the whole family, but enough to get me started. The statues are protectors of the building, which used to be an entry point of medieval Ljubljana!

Pod Trančo 2 is situated right next to the Cobblers Bridge, one of the important ways to enter the city, then named Laibach, surrounded by a mighty wall that is still a part of this building! SO exciting. They used to be sort of decorated bumpers for all the carriages coming in to bring the goods, especially flour, since there were bakers on this street.

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Pod Trančo 2, Ljubljana

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24 hours daily


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