Isar Stone Beach Munich

Image by Chloe Templeton

Isar Stone Beach – Summer in the sun

Through the city of Munich runs the river Isar which is sourced from the nearby Alps. As an Australian, I really never thought I could be a river kind of girl. I’m a beach girl. I love the sand between my toes, the hot sun on my face, the salty sea hair… all those lovely beach clichés. But somehow the Isar has won me over.
As mentioned, it runs through the city of Munich, slightly east of the city centre. Many bridges span the river, old and new, each with their own history, and in Munich it is quite standard to have a favourite ‘Isar spot’.
My favourite spot is located just south of Brüdermuhlbrücke on the west side of the river. Hidden behind the trees, a large expanse of soft stones meets a gentle yet consistent flow of ice-cold water. Here, all you need is a picnic blanket, cold drinks and maybe a deck of cards or a book. If you are feeling social, us Munich kids love to gather and grill, drink Radler and listen to music. The water is often crystal clear (except after rainy days) and fresh and cool in the summer, making it suitable for a swim. In this part of the Isar, many take advantage of the law that you are permitted to grill.
However you choose to spend your hours here, the Isar really is for everyone. I hope you like it in this spot as much as I do!
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E54, Munich

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24 hours daily


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