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Image by Gana Vujović

Museums and galleries – Different exhibitions

There are different museums and galleries in Podgorica. There’s one main building where you can find 2 different exhibitions in the modern galleries and one museum.

In the main hallway you can always find the artworks of the best artists from the older generations from our country. It’s a permanent setup. The two other galleries have a new exhibition every month, usually living artists from our country and region. Right now there is Nataša Đuranović, represented in the smaller gallery.

In the bigger one there are works by, in my opinion, the best living artist in our country, Luka Sekulić, who has really surprised me by his creativity and the constant quality of his work. 

In the small museum there are four different sections: the Archeological, Etnographic, Historical and Cultural. You can find interesting weapons, folk costumes from Montenegro and other countries, Christian and Muslim, old baby cradles, the oldest books in our old language, everyday objects excavated from archaeological sites and much more.

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