MIQT Pub Prishtina

Image by Atdhe Mulla

MIQT Pub – Local beers & you name it…

Hidden in a secluded street, right next to Prishtina’s poshest hotel, Swiss Diamond, MIQT might not look like a million-dollar spot, but it’s way more valuable as it has stolen the hearts of many of us here.

Known for its excellent selection of draught beers and finger-lickin’ chicken fingers, MIQT remains quite popular among the locals all year round. When visiting, steer away from imported beers and opt for something domestically-produced like Birra Peja (a local favorite), Prishtina, Shok e Shoqe, Sabaja or Grembeer.

What I specifically love about MIQT, is the ‘personality’ of the place. Let me explain!

MIQT is pet-friendly. It is home to Tigri (Albanian for tiger), a cat that inhabits the pub. You can bring your pet and who knows…maybe it will bond with Tigri, or animal lovers like me. MIQT is also accepting of diversity. Don’t be surprised if you run into people of the LGBT community in this pub located in a country where it remains controversial to come out of the closet. LGBT people are humans, and all humans are welcome, as long as they’re above 21 years old. That’s the rule!

If you’re visiting during summers you will be served free popcorn (except Fridays), and if you’re in for darts, you can also play anytime.

Go give it a try!

Friendly tip: Make sure to take a look at the wall art! One is all about beer, whereas the other is all about Amsterdam (if you know what I mean).

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17 Tringë Smajli, Prishtina

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Opening Times

08:00 - 00:00 daily


Pint of beer: € 2

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