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Valentina Botica

About me
I was born in 1993, and live & work in Rijeka. As everyone who uses this site and app, I love traveling and experiencing different cultures, because it makes us incredibly richer. To get to know another culture is to understand the world around us better. That is why I have taken up exchanges and ended up in Poland, Czechia, and Turkey.

I have a degree in Journalism but am currently working in a marketing agency. I am on my way to pursue my dream of becoming a travel journalist.

In my free time, I study Turkish and learn belly dancing.

Why Rijeka
I have been living in Rijeka since ’16, but my parents are from here. And when I moved here for good it was the first place in my life where I felt that I belonged. The reason behind this? It’s the mindset of people, the vibe, the wind and the scent of the sea. The atmosphere that makes me feel it is the place to be. The mix of cultures created by its rich history. And I want to show it to everyone!

Where else can you find me online?
YouTube channel

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