ŠtoRiJa Rijeka

Image by Valentina Botica

ŠtoRiJa – Your new favorite vegan burger in town

Rijeka is keeping up with different gastronomy lifestyles. Every once in a while, a new healthy food or vegan restaurant pops up. ŠtoRiJa is one of them!

ŠtoRiJa is not specialized only in vegan food, so if you are in a diverse group, each one of you will find something very tasty to charge your batteries after roaming around.

Most of the food there is delicious, and there is a nice selection of vegetarian and vegan meals – such as poke bowls, falafel, goulash, but my recommendation are large and tasty burgers.

Red beet, peas, vegetables, soy patties come served with crispy sweet potato chips, and the size of the burger is big enough for a hungry grown person. Prices are affordable too!

One thing that you have to try is their soy & chickpea-patty burger called “Sexy Mediterranean” – its ingredients such as the homemade rocket and nut pesto, basil and rosemary mayo, and vegan mozzarella will remind you once again that the tastes of Mediterranean are hard to forget.

The name of the restaurant is adorable as well. ŠtoRiJa comes from the word storia (story) and capitalized Ri gives it a Rijeka trademark! Ready for some delicious Rijeka stories?

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Riva 6, Rijeka

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Mon - Fri 08:00 - 22:00


Burgers: HRK 55

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