Venecijanska Kuća Rijeka

Image by Iva Sušić

Venecijanska Kuća – Venetian house

Rijeka was always known as an industrial and harbor city, never as a touristic city. Even I don’t know why, because Rijeka had more hotels in past than at the moment. People usually ask if there is something to visit in Rijeka. Even Rijeka’s citizens would tell you that there is nothing to see in Rijeka.

But that is not true at all. Probably they are used to living here, so they don’t see through eyes of tourists. I recommend you raise your head while walking around Rijeka. You will find great stuff.

One example is definitely a Venetian house, the palace belonging to Robert Whitehead (inventor of the torpedo, together with Giovanni Luppis). This Venetian house was built in 1888 and includes a variety of styles: Venetian Gothic, High Renaissance and Viennese baroque. The story says that Whitehead wanted to turn Rijeka into a cosmopolitan centre. Arhitect Zammattio tried to make his wish come true.

A Venetian house is in my neighbourhood. I see it pretty often. Sometimes I intentionally walk by Dolac street just to see the Venetian House and take a picture. The white and orange bricks with parts of green wall and green windows will take you to some other dimension. Make your own wish, like Whitehead.

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Dolac 7, Rijeka

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