Balkan Express Sarajevo

Image by Aida Omanović

Balkan Express – Homage to Yugoslavia

Balkan is a true homage to Yugoslavia, from the interior down to the music playlists. 

It is located in a passage right next to McDonald’s, on the right side. Inside it’s decorated in an old fashioned way, with wooden chairs and posters of famous Yugoslavian movies, and iconic public figures from that period. You’ll also find all kinds of retro stuff like a radio dating back to 1970 or a box full of vinyls and of course a lot of pictures of Tito. The long, wooden bar is also decorated with interesting details, but the thing you surely won’t miss is an old showcase they use for keeping drinks. That specific design of the showcase and the small crochets placed on every table were something so common in local’s living rooms in Yugoslavian period and in some homes still is.

I like to come here in the evening for a beer, but it isn’t rare for me to stop by in the late hours when I’m on a night out. The atmosphere is always casual with a laid back vibe. My favorite spot is that big, orange couch where you can sit comfortably and enjoy some really good music. It varies from 60s and 70s evergreens, some things you’ve almost forgotten about, to ex-Yu rock. Sometimes they organize gigs, and those kind of nights are highly recommended. 

Balkan is as local as it gets, a close touch with Sarajevo’s past habits and a perfect intro in this city’s life.

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Details about this spot



Titova 36, Sarajevo

Opening Times

08:00 - 23:00 daily


Beer from: BAM 2

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