Kozja Ćuprija Sarajevo

Image by Alan Dardagan

Kozja Ćuprija – Eastern gate of Sarajevo

Do you ever wish to relax, enjoy nature, but also venture through history? Do you want to imagine the life of a 16th-century traveler or a merchant? Enter Sarajevo through Kozja Cuprija, the eastern gate.

Kozja Cuprija (Goat Bridge) is one of the oldest structures in Sarajevo. It is not just a bridge, it is the oldest entrance into the city from the east. The legends say that it was built by the Romans. Another legend says it was built by a shepherd called Mehmed-pasa. One of his goats dug a hole in the ground and found treasure which helped Mehmed finance the bridge.

When I stand on Kozja Cuprija, I can enjoy the humming of the Miljacka river, and I can imagine travelers and merchants from many centuries ago crossing the bridge and entering Sarajevo. I often see young couples there, cyclists, or simply people who like hiking. It bears a striking resemblance to the Old Mostar Bridge, so travelers who visited Mostar will surely see something familiar.

Whoever likes nature, history and old legends, Kozja Cuprija is the perfect place. You can get there by walking through the Alley of Ambassadors (Dariva). It takes only 30 minutes from the city center.

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Dariva, Sarajevo

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