Rimski Most Sarajevo

Image by Alan Dardagan

Rimski Most – The Western gate

I’ve already written about Kozja Cuprija, which is the eastern entrance to Sarajevo. I also wrote an article about Vrelo Bosne which is close by. If you plan to visit Vrelo Bosne,  you should definitely not miss Rimski Most, one of the oldest bridges in Bosnia.

Nobody really knows when was Rimski Most actually built, but according to some theories, in was in the 16th century.  It was built using stones from old Roman gravestones hence the name “Roman Bridge”. It is the first major bridge that crosses the river Bosnia.

What fascinates me about this bridge is how well it fits into the environment. I like to go there on my bike or have a picnic or a barbecue with my friends. I’ve even seen people celebrate their wedding ceremonies on Rimski Most, partly because there is a hotel and a restaurant nearby named “Rimski Most”. It is no wonder couples are drawn to it, because this mysterious gem on Bosnia river radiates romantic energy.

The best way to get there is by visiting Vrelo Bosne. Rimski Most is just couple of kilometers down the water.

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