Sarajevo Pigeon – Doves from heaven

Sarajevo Pigeon Sarajevo

Image by Merima Ađemović

Sarajevo Pigeon – Doves from heaven

Naida Kurdija photo

Naida from Sarajevo

I can't explain my love for Sarajevo; even if I could, the dictionary would lack...

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The Sarajevo Pigeon might not be an actual spot but it is definitely one of the city symbols that is a must see when in Sarajevo.

The pigeon’s habitat is the center of Baščaršija, the oldest part of the city, and they eat, sleep, spend time on the Baščaršija square, also called Pigeon square. They fly around and rest on the roofs of surrounding shops.

There is a special tradition of feeding the pigeons on the square, and there’s always a man that sells pigeon food on the spot and a photographer that takes and delivers instant photos.

Feeding the pigeons is a must-do thing whether a local or tourist, enjoying their flight, taking great photos, or just pampering them.

When I was little, I used to run around, trying to catch them, wishing I could fly too.

I always loved to watch them fly; so beautiful, so free.

There are many traditional songs that mention the pigeons of Baščaršija, and many books and tourist booklets are filled with photos off them.

One of the most famous and beautiful songs mentioning the pigeons is this (Youtube link).

You can check the rough translation of the lyrics here.

The most recently published book designed for children is The Dove from Sarajevo, available in the local language and in English. You can check the website for details.

Not a spot, but still so important! :- )

So, when in Sarajevo, go meet and feed the pigeons, you will feel such peace.

Trust me 😉

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Naida from Sarajevo

Naida Kurdija photo

I can't explain my love for Sarajevo; even if I could, the dictionary would lack...

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Trg Baščaršije, Sarajevo

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Daytime daily


Photo price: BAM 2


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