Sebilj  Sarajevo

Image by Nevrus Agić

Sebilj – Famous Sarajevo fountain

Sebilj is a pseudo-Ottoman-style wooden fountain in the centre of Baščaršija square built by Mehmed Pasha Kukavica in 1753.

During the ’92-’95 Sarajevo war it was damaged and restored in 2005.

Till 2015, the square used to be synonymous with the traditional look, with cobblestone all around, representing the divine old city, but then the mayor decided to take off the cobblestones and put ordinary stone tiles, which took away the square’s identity.

Sebilj is also known as the main habitat of the pigeons of Baščaršija, they had stood on its roof for decades, and the photos of pigeons standing on the roof of Sebilj used to be a synonym for Sarajevo touristic booklets.  

I say used to, because the same (idiot) mayor decided to put iron spikes on the roof of a national monument to “preserve” it from the pigeons forgetting that they are like as one, inseparable. They give each other meaning.

I was so disappointed and sad that I spent 5 days in front of Sebilj collecting signatures for a petition for the spikes to be removed, but 5000 signatures and hundreds of arguments did not help in fighting against the corrupt politicians.  

You can check my frustrated text here.

Sarajevo has a very bad government. It’s a mockery, a shame, but one day they will be history. And I will not give up.

A GREAT song (Youtube) says: “Sarajevo will (always) be, and all else will just pass”. It gives me strength. 

Sebilj is worth it, Sarajevo is worth it!

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Baščaršija , Sarajevo

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