The Seven Brothers Sarajevo

Image by Naida Kurdija

The Seven Brothers – A famous legend

This is a place famous for the belief that praying on this very spot can make your wish come true.

Believers or not, people come here, put coins in each door and make a wish. The spot is located in the yard of  Čokadži hadži Sulejman Mosque. There are seven graves of seven brothers, not in blood, but in sad destiny.

According to the story, the first person buried was šejh who in 1463 came to Bosnia. In his testament, he demanded to be buried there. Later on, in 1494, there was a robbery of administration money and two foreign Dervishes, who were in Sarajevo at the time, were executed by the authorities, despite being innocent.

Many years from that incident, in 1697, after the Austrian general Eugen Savojski put Sarajevo on fire on the order of the head of city and army administration, Mustafa Daltaban, four respectable citizens were killed.

After they were all buried, Sarajevo citizens claimed to had seen light coming down on the graves.

In 1815, Sulejman-paša Skopljak head of city and army administration saw that light too and ordered to build a turbeh with seven windows.

I like to come here often, not because I believe in wishes coming true, but simply to pray for the dead and hoping one day someone will pray for me.

Praying there makes you feel particularly calm and motivated in gratitude. That’s all we really need. To be calm, motivated to strive in life and grateful for living it. Do check this spot.

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Jedileri, Sarajevo

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24 hours daily


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