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Image by Boban Talevski

Aero Club Skopje – Fly over the city

Over the years, I’ve come up with a saying for my town:

“It is perfect, when you look at it from above.”

Ok, so it’s not much of a saying, and someone else probably came up with a similar idea, but it’s my line nonetheless. And it is usually meant for the moments when you stand on the top of mountain Vodno, at night, and look at the beautiful view of the city. Well, not anymore…

Not far from “Aleksandar Palace” Hotel and only 15 minutes drive from the city center, you will find the “Stenkovec” Airport, used only by small aircrafts, home of the “Aero Klub” Skopje. Take a flight around the city with one of the Cessna’s and you’ll see the meaning of my words.

The flight usually takes around 15-20 minutes. It takes you from the lakes of “Treska” and “Matka”, around the Millennium Cross at Vodno, circling over the City Center and the City Park and back to the airport. A maximum of three people may hop on the plane, but before you do, take notice of these three things:

1. Don’t eat before flight,
2. Bring your camera,
3. Ride “Shotgun” (sit next to the driver).

Why no.3 you ask..? Because the pilot will let you fly the plane. Sure, only for a moment, and sure the others will hate you because:
a) you will be flying a plane, and
b) you will make them sick with your flying skills,
but you’ll be feeling awesome!!!

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Details about this spot



Sports Airport Stenkovec, no.151a, Municipality Chucher Sandevo, Skopje

Telephone number


Opening Times

Depending on reservation


Flight 3p.: MKD 4000


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