Pizzeria 511 Skopje

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Pizzeria 511 – Pizzas of the Skopje variety

They say there’s no pizza like the one you try in Italy, but it’s pretty safe to say that pizzas made in Skopje have their own specific character. And if we have to choose the king of all pizza restaurants that serves the pizza that reminds you that you’re in Skopje and nowhere else, then we’d be talking about “511”.

One of the owners once told me that the name has to do with jersey numbers, that the founders were number 5 and number 11 when they played something that I unfortunately can’t remember, but it makes no difference when you taste the explosion of taste when you order pizza there.

It’s been on the same location for 25 years, and people in Skopje have many childhood memories related to this place. Choose any one of their pizzas and you can’t go wrong, but make sure you complete the joy with ordering one of their pancake portions, because you’re in for some serious foodie satisfaction.

The interior is great, but in the summer, their terrace surrounded by fountains and plants that keep the hot weather away is fantastic.

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Vasil Gjorgov 29/2, Skopje, Skopje

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08:00 - 00:00 daily


Margherita: MKD 190

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