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Laser Tag – LEGEN – wait for it – DARY

Boys will be Boys. In essence, it means that we’ll never change and some childish desires will haunt us until the rest of our days. For example, while I was growing up, playing soldiers was the most favorite game in the neighborhood. Later on in life, we transferred our hunger for combat onto video games, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft, Dota etc. Now we’re grownups and playing video games became a bit lame. So someone invented a thing called Laser Tag, in order to help resurface all those warrior demons we keep inside.

Made famous worldwide by the popular TV series “How I Met Your Mother”, you can now play Laser Tag in the Skopje Central Park. Teams, that range from 3 on 3 to 5 on 5, can play various games, like Kill them All or Capture the Flag. In fact, you can customize the match to your liking, including the rounds of ammunition, each person’s number of lives, you can assign different roles to different players etc. The playground isn’t very big, but it does the trick. It’s very fun, it’s pretty physical, and be ready to get dirty.

No need to imply, but there will be a good dose of trash talk up in the air, just to get the spirits fired up. And, despite my intro, the girls are also very, very welcomed.

p.s You’ll need to make a reservation.

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Gradski Park, Skopje

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10:00 - 01:00 daily


60 minutes: MKD 190


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