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Portici of Turin – Strolling like a king

When you plan a trip you hope with all your strength that rain will stay away from you and your activities.

Let’s say you’re unlucky and you find yourself in Piazza Castello and It decides to pour cats and dogs and you’ve no umbrella and have to find a place for lunch/dinner.
Luckily for you, King Vittorio Emanuele I planned the construction of 2 km out of the total 18 km of Portici that you can walk under nowadays.

His portion connects Royal Palace (piazza Castello) with Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Po river). In fact the left sidewalk of via Po is entirely covered by the porch, and it’s called “The King’s side”.

The more ancient portion of Portici is the one in Piazza Castello, made in 1615.
Now you can walk from Porta Susa station to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, then you can reach Porta Nuova station walking in via Roma and go back to Porta Susa via Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Corso Vinzaglio. That’s if you want to make a ring route.

I should also mention the beautiful hidden internal galleries. We have Galleria Subalpina in a corner of piazza Castello, Galleria San Federico connecting Via Roma and Piazza San Carlo. There’s also Galleria Umberto I, connected to Porta Palazzo Portici. It’s near Bottiglieria Damarco (check the “Damarco – Wine and spirits since 1959“ article) and IngrossoMinuto (check the “Ingrossominuto – The place to go for a cake article“).

So in Turin, even with rain , you’ve got a chance to arrive to dinner nice and dry.

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