Revolver Coffee Vancouver

Image by Roland Tanglao

Revolver Coffee – Coffee lovers paradise

A coffee bar that rarely has the same beans twice but still delivers an incredibly high quality cup of coffee every time, this is what keeps bringing me back to Revolver. When I go to Revolver coffee I like to take a moment to examine their rotating coffee menu, review the tasting notes, and see where they have brought coffee from this month. 

Revolver offers plenty of ways to enjoy their ever-changing coffee menu from your standard lattes and cappuccinos to coffee flights and brew flights (a brew flight is a selection of coffees all brewed using different techniques).

Revolver Coffee is one of my favorite coffee places in Vancouver, I remember the first time I came to Revolver – I had just placed my order and was waiting for my coffee when I noticed the coffee artists behind the counter – I call them coffee artists because producing coffee this good every time is truly an art. As I was waiting a catchy song from the 80s came on the record player and the 3 coffee artists began singing, dancing, and brewing coffee in-sync. I was enthralled, I felt like I had just entered the movie “coffee shop” and a full scale musical number was about to kick-off.

This spot is tops!

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325 Cambie St, Vancouver

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Mon - Fri 07:30 - 18:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00


Latte: C$ 4


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