Argos Imbiss Vienna

Image by David Titcumb

Argos Imbiss – For that midnight falafel sandwich

One of Vienna’s overt indulgences are midnight snack stands. Some are kind of well-known, some you should avoid. Happily, Argos belongs firmly in the ‘good’ category, and here’s why:

Imagine the scene; you’re starving, you’ve possibly had a few beers. You order a durum. The man takes it from the sandwich press, spreads delicious homemade hummus all over it, and squashes in four disks of deep-fried falafel heaven. Added with a minty-yoghurt sauce, salad, and optional feta cheese; there’s almost nothing better.

For quite some time I have been on a mission to find the greasiest, meatiest, most convenient, open-at-two-o’clock-in-the-morning food stand in Vienna. This quest has taken me far and wide, but here at the Argos, I came across something completely unexpected. I found some of the greatest falafel durum I have ever tasted (well, outside of Mashu and Dr.Falafel in the Naschmarkt, but you understand my point).

You might ask: why falafel? It is a relevant question given what I said about meat. There are very few stands in the world at which I would order a mixture of ground chick peas over a hearty lamb kebab. Funnily enough, it’s because I knew someone in the area who doesn’t eat meat; out of solidarity, we ate falafel sandwiches together. The experience really made me think. Vienna, the city of the sausage stand, does not cater very well for the vegetarians amongst us. Argos should help to redress this imbalance; it is more than worthy of this humble mention.

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Details about this spot



Währinger Straße 10, Vienna

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Durum: € 3
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)