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Julia from Vienna

Had a few homes. Vienna is not only a wonderful city to live in but also a great...

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Wien mal anders offer various tours in Vienna, but the one taking you on a “spooky experience through Vienna’s underground” is my favorite. Take a break from the bustling streets.

Years ago, I took a tour [psss, semilegal] through the underground sewage area of the city. Unfortunately, their permission was revoked, and the 3rdman one was installed. So hearing about Wien mal anders‘ new guided tour into cellars that are not usually open to the public got me excited. You start this adventure in one of the oldest Viennese pharmacies, which can be booked as a stand-alone experience fascinating for medical and pharmaceutical staff! Here you enter the underground world through a trap door that reveals a narrow spiral staircase and leads into the vintage laboratory.

After these outstanding insights, the group climbs back up and walks a few streets in the first district – the oldest part of Vindobona (a Roman fortress was likely built around the year 100 A.D.). Until the expansion of the city boundaries in 1850, this old town was congruent with the city of Vienna. You’ll see a different cellar and go several floors below ground. A plus when you’re roasting: It’s cool down there.

Hot tip: Don’t get so caught up in taking photos as to fall behind since the guide has numerous captivating facts and stories to tell. Also, their other tours are worth checking! You can, e.g., hop into an electric vintage car for a city tour while savoring a fancy (vegan) meal – intriguing!

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Julia from Vienna

Julia Heiligenbrunner photo

Had a few homes. Vienna is not only a wonderful city to live in but also a great...

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