Savski Nasip Zagreb

Image by Nevena Mikec

Savski Nasip – Tamed river and wild nature

Due to the many streams flowing from Medvednica mountain & water springs around, Zagreb never had the need to live and grow close to the river. The River Sava can be mighty and strong, often flooding its valley. Zagreb was not too fond of the swampy area next to Sava, so historically, not long ago, all swamps were dried out and the river bayous got turned into beautiful, tame lakes. The bank was built along it to make sure it doesn’t flood again like in 1964.

Sava is a beautiful river. It got really polluted back in the ’80s, but today it’s rather clean, full of life inside and around it. The people of Zagreb love it. Not only is it one of the symbols of the city, but the Sava is a place where I go to take a breath of fresh air, enjoy nature and city landscape as well. The color of Sava is on most days green, but on sunny days it turns beautiful blue. On heavy, grey days it turns grey, as if it feels the weather around it.

The bank along the river offers long walking trails on both sides. During the summer months, when waters are low, the river revels its delightful small pebble and sandy beaches. Swimming is not advised because the water is fast and unpredictable. Conversely, here you can relax, walk or run while looking at the epic scenery. And all you can hear is wind, birds and Zagreb’s murmur in the distance.

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Aleja Matije Ljubeka, Zagreb

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