Dourgouti Athens

Image by Μarilena Salamanou

Dourgouti – Immigrant residences of Neos Kosmos

I will remember that walk in the area of Dourgouti for my whole life, as it was the one I made the last day of freedom, before I started counting my days of quarantine. I always used to take the tram and go back home, but that day I decided to walk and I discovered that strange, poetic neighborhood.

Dourgouti is the neighborhood with the immigrant residences at the area of Neos Kosmos. Ιt has a very heavy history, as on August 9th 1944 German soldiers killed  Greek anti-nazi fighters at Dourgouti. The whole area was also destroyed by a fire lit by them. When you visit the area, you can find signs that explain to you the dark history of those days.

I love Dourgouti’s buildings. These big block of flats are in some sort of “Soviet style”.

And of course I love the grill restaurants that you can find on the ground floor of these buildings, where you can enjoy a portion of souvlaki! It is one of the things I will do after the lockdown!

Also, when you wander around, you can find graffiti by the famous Greek street artist Dreyk the pirate, as you can see on the picture.

P.S. it’s better to visit Dourgouti with daylight, as at night it can be dangerous.


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Freiderikou Smith 1, Athens

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24 hours daily - visit with daylight



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