Loukanikos' Graffiti Athens

Image by Dimitris Hall

Loukanikos’ Graffiti – Tribute to revolutionary dog

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Loukanikos (which means… sausage!), the famous revolutionary dog!

Ηe owes his reputation to when he used to take part in the many protests and riots that took place during the first economic crisis in Greece. And not only did he take part in the demonstrations, he always used to stand in the first line and would bark at the policemen!

In this way, Loukanikos became a symbol of urban revolution in Athens and a mascot for the protesters.

That’s why Vasilis Gryparis made a big graffiti as a tribute to him in Psirri street in the very center of Athens. Next to his image on the wall is written: “all dogs go to heaven”.

Οf course, there are Youtube videos where you can see Loukanikos in action. An American artist Mr. David Rovics made a special, tender song for him!

P.S. Don’t visit these spot during the night, as the area is dangerous.

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Riga Palamidou 4, Athens

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24 hours daily


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