Radio Athènes Athens

Image by Aigli Andritsopoulou

Radio Athènes – Broadcasting the contemporary

As soon as I entered Radio Athènes website, a computer-generated voice welcomed me, meanwhile broadcasting the organisation’s mission statement and whereabouts. In this innovative way, Helena Papadopoulos and Andreas Melas, founders of this unique art centre, bookstore, showroom and exhibition space, introduced me to the digitised realm of contemporary visual culture.

The institution is located in the centre of Athens and constitutes a non-profit, independent and interdisciplinary space where exhibitions, screenings, talks, readings and lectures in philosophy, literature and contemporary art take place on a monthly basis. By representing local and international artists and working together with well-established and renowned institutions in Europe, Radio Athènes aims for the projection and advancement of contemporary art production.

In other words, a visit to Radio Athènes is a must for travellers who are keen on getting a taste of the contemporary art scene of Athens and for people who live in the city and desire to explore new art forms, have interesting encounters and thought-provoking conversations on art and culture.

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Petraki 15, Athens

Opening Times

Wed 16:00 - 20:00, Sat 13:00 - 17:00




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