Altaïr Barcelona

Image by Tatiana Martinez

Altaïr – Travel bookstore

It’s the kind of place where you get lost inside a book reading about your next destination or discovering a new exotic one. Once you step inside, you’re already surrounded by shelves full of stacks and stacks of books. Each shelf is divided into continents. Upstairs you will find mainly European destinations and downstairs the rest of the world. 

One of my favourite parts of this bookstore is the travel advertisement board. You will find it on your right as soon as you enter through that door. It is divided by continents in the same way the shelves are. “I am travelling to Africa this coming Christmas and would love to find someone to share this travelling experience with. If you feel you are up for the adventure contact me on…” are the kind of messages you will encounter. 

An important and interesting fact is that it is Europe’s biggest travel bookstore. Pep Bernadas, the initiator of this project, wanted to create an atmosphere where travellers could meet, generate encounters with travel, ideas about travel and projects that enclose them.  

There is a cafe downstairs where you can find a variety of beverages and coffee whilst you leaf through a book. The atmosphere of this little space already gets you into a travel mood. Looking around you, you see people with the same interest as you; reading through a travel guide book planning their next trip, a group of students working on a project, people typing frantically on their MacBooks…

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Gran Vía de la Corte Catalana, 616, Barcelona

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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:30


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