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Place d’Arezzo – Walk around Ixelles and Uccle

In the communes of Ixelles and Uccle in the south of Brussels you can find some very nice neighbourhoods that are worth a stroll in. One of them is the area around place Guy d’Arezzo with avenue Molière and rue Jules Lejeune that host some of Brussels most beautiful houses.

Place Guy d’Arezzo is named after an Italian Benedictine monk who was a a pedagogue and music theorist.

The inhabitants of Ixelles call this place, “La place des perruches verts” – The place of green parakeets. You can find a lot of these green parakeets in Brussels and a bunch of them live in the trees on place Guy d’Arezzo.

The little park on the roundabout is the perfect start for a walk in the neighbourhood. You can walk through Avenue Molière that connects Ixelles and Uccle. This avenue was named after the French actor and poët Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière.

You might also spot some embassies on this long avenue. Another nice street is rue Jules Lejeune with some luxury houses. This street is leading you to place Charles Graux with a nice sculpture called “La Vieille Fontaine” by sculptor Isidore De Rudder (1855-1943).

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