Street Art Brussels

Image by Renata Riva

Street Art – Brussels style

Street art is booming all over the world. I don’t know much about it to be honest, but I have always appreciated the comic murals spread all over the center of Brussels.

Not long ago, there was a lot of fuss going on in the street art world as a new mural had appeared in Brussels. On the side of a house, right next to a very busy roundabout, there was a giant penis! Now this has been removed, but for those who like this kind of shocking murals, do not worry, Brussels won’t let you down!

Head to Avenue Louise 53 and look up to your left on the other side of the roundabout along Avenue Louise. There, up high, you will see a woman with her legs open and masturbating! Some people say this is from Bonom, a very famous artist around here, but nobody knows it for sure. 

In the center there used to be an anus in Steenkoolkaai and there is still a slaugthering scene in Boulevard Barthelmy close to Porte de Flandre. What’s happening with the street art in Brussels?

If you are interested in more, there’s the possibility to go on a graffiti tour (unfortunately only in French) or a DIY tour following this website. I recently discovered this new website with all small and big murals all over the center, I’m soon gonna head on a tour to discover all the sculptures by Isaac Cordal!

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Avenue Louise 66, Brussels

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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