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Justine Vandendorpe

About me
​I am a Belgian woman living in Cologne since 2018. I studied ecology in Belgium and Norway and, after graduating, I moved to Germany. I first lived in Gießen, then in Wiesbaden, and eventually moved to Cologne. I am currently working as a Data Steward in an infrastructure and research center in the context of a project in microbiota research. Besides my job, I enjoy cooking traditional Belgian dishes, reading classics, hiking in the forest, and, of course, exploring Cologne.

Why ​Cologne?
​What I love about Cologne is that, in my Belgian opinion, it is a large city where every neighborhood feels like a different town. In fact, I like this diversity so much that I regularly go on day trips to explore a specific neighborhood. My favorite one being, of course, the Belgian Quarter.​ ​I also find people living in Cologne easygoing and friendly, and I very much enjoy the Kölsch culture (to be experienced in one of the many brewery restaurants such as Brauhaus Pütz).​ ​Finally, I also love nature in and outside of Cologne. Within the city, there are beautiful parks and gardens such as the Forstbotanische Garten.​ ​Outside of the city, there are two low mountain range regions to explore: the Bergisches Land and the Eifel.

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