La Clémence Geneva

Image by András Barta

La Clémence – Feel like a VIP

One of my favourite spots in the city, La Clémence is a tiny bar in the old town of Geneva. The staff and the atmosphere are nice, but it is tiny so you have to be lucky to get a seat. But at the first ray of sunshine! Everybody who is anybody and their mother is sitting at that immense terrace in sunglasses and their best outfits. I even like going there when I cannot sit down, I simply enjoy seeing who’s having coffee out in the open.

La Clémence is at Place du Bourg de Four, which is in the center of the old town. Throngs of tourists on foot, locals, street musicians and the little green Geneva sightseeing train all converge at that spot. When I sit at that terrace, I like thinking that if a tourist takes a picture in which I happen to be, they will be showing it to their relatives back home at the other end of the earth upon their return and I will be back there with them in a way. Or in a different Swiss city. Or neighbouring France. Less exciting.

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Place du Bourg-de-Four 20, Geneva

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Opening Times

Mon - Thu 07:00 - 01:00, Fri 07:00 - 02:00, Sat 08:00 - 02:00, Sun 08:00 - 01:00


Coffee: CHF 4


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