Aqueduct Istanbul

Image by Zekeriya S. Sen

Aqueduct – The Ancient Waterway

Okay we don’t write about touristic spots, as our aim is to show you the off the beaten path locations that we as spotters love to visit or observe. This ancient waterway or let’s say aqueduct is one of the most intriguing spots for me in İstanbul.

The main reason I like it is that you can take fabulous photos from each side and corners if the light is right. The other reason is because it is ancient, artistic, creative and tempting.

In Turkey we call the aqueduct Bozdoğan Kemeri, which I can translate as “Aqueduct of the Grey Falcon”. Officially it’s called the Aqueduct of Valens since it was completed by the Roman Emperor Valens around the 4th century AD. Since the Ottomans never had the urge to ruin architectural structures they restored it a couple of times during the reign and hence you see the Aqueduct of today as documented above.

Yes it’s only a waterway but for me it’s one of the most important landmarks of İstanbul and I would definitely recommend anyone having a chance to visit it and document it. The position where I took my photo is a lovely spot for you, just bear in mind.

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Bozdoğan Kemeri, Istanbul

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