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Zekeriya from Istanbul

I am devoted to culture. Istanbul is “The City” (sehr-i yegane), peerless an...

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Usually the Archeology Museums are left out when visiting major cities. This is mostly because people do not have the time or a more drastic option might be that it’s not in their interest field. Well for me the Archeology Museums have always been one of the first places I visit wherever possible. As they reflect the cultural, historical depth of that country and the civilizations it produced. Especially when you have a huge museum, well it’s not to be missed, like the one in Istanbul.

The İstanbul Archaeological Museums is located in İstanbul’s Sultanahmet neighborhood. It’s in the centre of the Historical Peninsula but yet away in a remote position from the crowds. So if you ever get tired of the crowd just take a stroll to the Archeology Museums. Its name is plural, since there are three different museums under the same administration: The Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Orient Museum and Tiled Kiosk Museum.

If you are the interested type then you can basically spend a whole day in this lovely structure. It houses various artifacts from civilizations that have left their traces all through Asia Minor and Anatolia. Additionally, it is the first institution in Turkey arranged as a museum.

If you crave for a journey in the corridors of history and to trace the remains of ancient civilizations this is the best place to visit. It will give you a clear picture of all the civilizations that have ruled, lived or even passed through Anatolia.  

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Zekeriya from Istanbul

Zekeriya S. Sen photo

I am devoted to culture. Istanbul is “The City” (sehr-i yegane), peerless an...

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Alemdar Cad., Istanbul

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Tue - Sun 09:00 - 19:00


Entrance: TL 20


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