Bazlama Kahvaltı Istanbul

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Bazlama Kahvaltı – My favourite breakfast in town!

If you never were a morning person, get ready to become one when you are in Istanbul. Turkish breakfast (kahvalti) itself is reason enough to get up every morning.

Even if kahvalti is a big deal for Turks, it might be challenging for visitors to spot a non-touristic place which serves good food with reasonable prices. I believe cost-benefit wise Bazlama Kahvalti is the best in town.

They have two branches, Teşvikiye (European side) and Çeşme (District of İzmir). Both serves the best example of a typical Turkish breakfast all day long from Wednesday to Sunday.

Why you should go there?

+ the food is organic
+ the best service: kind and caring staff
+ super-rich variety of Turkish-style breakfast (different types of cheese, sujuk, jam, hot and freshly baked bread, gozleme, olives, menemen, honey with butter, tomatoes, cucumber, fruits, jam, etc)
+ breads and pastries are served fresh out of the oven

The price is 55 TL per person (August 2018) but the best part is that everything included. Like I mean, everything! You can eat all day long, ask for as many renewals of anything on the table, drink as many Turkish tea as you can… You wouldn’t pay a single lira more.

Give it a try. Even if Bazlama fails to turn you into a morning person, it does stand a very good chance at helping you make it through the day.

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Details about this spot



Osman Fahir Seden Sok 8, Istanbul

Opening Times

Thu - Sun 09:00 - 17:00


Everything inc.: TL 55

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