Sinop Mantı Istanbul

Image by Seyda Vardar

Sinop Mantı – Not a typical ravioli

Once you are in Turkey, you must try our traditional mantı. In English it’s called Turkish Ravioli or Turkish Dumplings. Mantı originally comes from a town called Kayseri in Turkey.

There is a legend that says that if a spoonful of mantı contains less than 40 dumpling then you are not going to be a good and skillful bride. So let’s leave this to experts 🙂

The filling contains lamb or beef, onion, pepper and salt and is served with yoghurt on top. It is definitely one of my favorite Turkish dishes without a doubt. Especially in winter – it goes perfect with cold weather.

Sinop Mantı (Sinop is another town in northern Turkey) is slightly different because it is served half with yoghurt -with or without garlic- and half with walnut. My favorite side was definitely with walnut.

You may also try their Nokul (or “pie”) in 3 options; walnut/minced/raisin. I very much liked the raisin pie.

Sinop Mantı is located in Besiktas, with all the local shops, fish markets and pubs around. It is one of the 24/7 places in Istanbul, you can spend a whole day wandering in this old neighbourhood.

If you are on the Asian part of Turkey and still want to try this delicious manti, they have another branch located in Kadikoy. You may find the address details on their website.

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Sinanpaşa Köprüsü Sokak, No 4/1, Beşiktaş, İstanbul , Istanbul

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Opening Times

12:00 - 23:00 daily


Manti: TL 21


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