BIRO Podgorica

Image by Luka Zverkin

BIRO – Hidden gem in Bokeška street

BIRO is a self-service bar located in the hippest part of Podgorica, Bokeška street (check out the article), which is one of the busiest areas of the city during the whole day. There are many options to choose from when thinking about having your first morning cup of coffee, or a pint during the night. BIRO has an ambiance for both, but because of its relative seclusion from the rest of the bars, it has a more intimate and open-minded feel to it.

To get here, you have to pass through a passage right in the middle of Bokeška street, with the lush green garden being the first sight of the spot. Biro is a spot comes to live during spring and summer, when the grapevines start blossoming. But regardless of the season, this bar is one of the coolest retreats in the city. 

During summer especially, the shade of the blossomed grapevine turn it into a haven from the ridiculous heat that the citizens of Podgorica have to live with. Even though it is nestled between buildings, the greenery and open space make it a great setting for meaningful conversations, night-outs or just for relaxation. 

They usually play disco, funk, rock, jazz or some ambient music. You should also check out the quirky paintings and pictures hanging in the bar. BIRO reassures that Bokeška has something for everyone and thus it is my favorite place in this area. 

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Bokeška 10, Podgorica

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09:00 - 00:00 daily

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