Clock Tower Podgorica

Image by Gana Vujović

Clock Tower – The heart of Podgorica

A lot of locals will tell you that this is the heart of Podgorica. It’s definitely hiding some rich historical heritage. The old town still has some old houses that witnessed past times and the lives of people. The Clock Tower (Shata Kula) is probably one of the most beautiful parts and symbols of this place. It was made in the 17th century by Mehmet – Paša Osmanagić, it’s 16m tall and people believe this is one of the finest examples of Ottoman-era architecture.

Mosques attract a lot of attention. One of them is Skender’s old mosque from the 15th century which has been damaged by bombing and repeatedly restored. The other one, Osmanagića Mosque, was also built by Mehmet- Paša.

This place had a specific style and a lot of older locals love to remember and talk about those times. They say people there used to live as a huge family, never locking the doors to their homes, and neighbors could just enter uninvited and take some coffee and sugar if they needed it.

It’s close to Skalini, the place I have also written about, so it will be very practical to visit both places for a short time. These spots together recreate the special spirit of the old times.

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