Germia Park Prishtina

Image by Elza Ramadani

Germia Park – The lungs of Prishtina

Germia is the biggest park inside the city of Prishtina. If you see a map of Prishtina, the widest chunk of green is this park, and one of the few place where you can have some peace and quiet and escape from the noisy city life. During summer days I go there mostly to escape the heat, it has some lovely benches to sit on, or even in the grass, and also there is a swimming pool which usually it is overcrowded. Now, during winter, drinking coffee at Villa Germia and enjoying the wonderful view is very therapeutic.  

So, at the entrance of the park there is the swimming pool and you can also rent bikes, if you walk further there is an open area where you can have a picnic and play games, and a little bit further still there are some restaurants where you can eat/drink something. Many people (not me) use it also to run, because there is a trail inside the woods which is used year round. My favorite thing to do is just finding some shade and reading a book, and if it’s winter just going for a walk. If there is snow, it is really lovely.

I would highly recommend to not go there by car, because I believe that beats the purpose of going for fresh air and relaxing. I usually take the bus (Bus number 4), or walk there (from the city center it takes 50min). Take your time and enjoy it!

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Germia Park , Prishtina

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