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Olga Samoilova (1980)

About me
Hi, I am in my mid-thirties, born in 1980, educated and graduated from school and university, built my career in finance at different multinational companies, have a husband and 2 daughters – everything in St. Petersburg!

I can’t say I know “every stone” here but there are a lot of places I’ve fallen in love with and I’m ready to share – hanging out with friends, going on a romantic getaway with a partner or having fun with the kids.

I sometimes volunteer as a greeter with the St. Petersburg Greeters organization to show the foreigners these spots in person. I also once did a course as a city guide to learn more of the history and culture of St. Petersburg, feel like a host and not a guest of the major highlights and provide better support for my friends and foreign guests. I adore travelling both within Russia and around the world and enjoy meeting new people and getting to know new cultures.

Why Saint Petersburg?
I think St. Petersburg is a very romantic place with all its channels and bridges, long white nights in the summer, and beautiful suburbs, perfect for a weekend getaway. There is always something going on, new places are appearing, old ones transforming.

Though locals may appear a little bit closed we are very sincere!

Where can you find me online?

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