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Gordana from Skopje

I work as a journalist in the best selling weekly magazine here in Macedonia. M...

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Food is one of the main treasures in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. Not just any kind of food, but local, authentic and fresh.

Between the trees and houses from the beginning of the 20th century in the old neighborhood of Debar Maalo, there is a charming “Bohemian street”. At the end, near the City park is Chardak where I eat delicious and traditional Macedonian cuisine like: the famous Macedonian Bukovka mushrooms — grilled, with an amazing smoky taste; Sarma — stuffed vine leaves with rice and meat, topped with yogurt and cream sauce; Tavce Gravce — bean soup made by a Macedonian recipe; Shopska salata — mixed healthy veggies with feta cheese; Makalo – a small plate of blended peppers, garlic and beans, and of course freshly baked Macedonian bread, directly from the oven, that I dip in the Makalo using my hands.

All that food combined with locally made liquor called Rakija and traditional Macedonian music dating from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, performed live by an authentic band; this is perfect, full experience for this climate! 

“Chardak” is a place especially appreciated by the local people, because it is far from the touristic, overpriced bars, shops, and restaurants that offer the same things as any other European city, and is still close to the city center of Skopje, about 10 min walking. When I want to feel the Macedonian bohemian atmosphere, then this place totally charms me, feeds me well and make me feel cozy and relaxed.

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Gordana from Skopje

Gordana Manasijeska photo

I work as a journalist in the best selling weekly magazine here in Macedonia. M...

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Gjorgji Peshkov, Skopje

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Tavche Gravche: MKD 100


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