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Heta from Tampere

Mom to three grownups & five dogs. I could close my eyes and still find the way ...

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There are lots of theatres in Tampere and I have many favourites. From the two big professional scenes, the small stage of Tampereen teatteri Frenckell hosts traditional plays where the acting is the main thing. You can go deep into the stories, whatever they may be: comedy, tragedy, thriller… The emotions of the actors & actresses are near you and the rhythm of the acts carries the play forward just in front of you. Often the plays are traditional, where the speech is vital, but also modern settings and techniques can be used.

The atmosphere in the old factory is beautiful. During the break, you can have something to drink and eat from the (quite expensive) cafeteria, and while sipping your wine you can watch through the old factory windows how the Tammerkoski rapids float by.

The last play I saw there was the one from which my first name originates: Niskavuoren Heta, from famous playwright Hella Wuolijoki, directed by a woman (Liisa Mustonen), too. The main role of Heta played by Eeva Hakulinen was really emotional and deep, and I found it very touching. These Niskavuori plays are part of Finnish cultural heritage and tell us about the old agricultural times, but at the same time about the universal themes of love, hatred and pride.

The theatres are usually running from September to May, but during summer there are open-door summer theatres, and in August Tampere hosts the famous international theatre festival – Tampereeen Teatterikesä.

Ticket office (Hämeenkatu 14B): Mon – Sat 10:00 – 18:00

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Heta from Tampere

Heta Toikka photo

Mom to three grownups & five dogs. I could close my eyes and still find the way ...

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