Vappu Tampere

Image by Hanna Mäkelä

Vappu – May Day in Tampere

Vappu, May Day, is pretty much the craziest party in Finland. And in Tampere, too.

The celebration of this carnival-style festival starts already on April 30th and continues until the late hours of May 1st. People gather to parties and to the restaurants in Tampere. When it comes to Vappu, it doesn’t really matter what kind of weather it is, people are still outside partying!

The local engineering students are one of the main characteristics of Vappu, wearing their student coveralls and being in the “real party mood”. Also, everyone who has ever graduated from high school is wearing the black and white student cap (as I’m wearing in the photo).

It’s also a habit for many people to go and walk around the city and afterward have lunch together with their friends or family. Vappu lunch can be a long one with lots of sparkling wine or champagne…

All and all, the mood during Vappu celebration is so much fun, as everyone is in a good mood waiting for the summer to start.

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